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Dr. J
Dr. J

Joseph A. Cerreta, PhD
Noted Author, Broadcaster, and a popular Bible teacher

With a style that is simple, straight forward and clear, Dr. Cerreta teaches about life and faith. Never “stuffy”, Joe shares his knowledge of Biblical principles in a down-to-earth and often humorous presentation that encourages and empowers his audience.  Respected for his knowledge in communications and broadcast related ministries, he is often called upon to share his expertise in these areas. A one time marketing executive and popular radio personality, Joe continues to share his Biblical insight through a variety of media as well as in conventions, seminars and church services throughout the United States and around the world. Dr. J’s diverse experiences includes more than 37 years as a local church pastor. He was ordained in 1980. Dr Cerreta has also served a variety of ministerial organizations and schools as an adviser and/or board member. Currently, the good Doctor is a Coastal Junkie, living around Tarpon Springs Florida.

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